The Importance Of Getting Your Business Online

According to officially released statistics from the British Retail Consortium, the 2013 holiday period saw a fantastic increase in sales for online retailers, with the same occurring in the New Year however, unfortunately as expected in today’s online world; the high street brick and mortar stores struggled to match these figures.Thanks to the increasing developments in mobile marketing and as a society, our constant need to connect to the internet; online shopping is now very much second nature. Yet despite this natural shift, an increasing number of small businesses have yet to take a step into the online market.Despite the increasing power of the internet, many business owners struggle to embrace the notion of online marketing but with the figures speaking for themselves; neglecting this could potentially be disastrous.For those new to the online platform and unsure where to begin, below are the top steps to consider which, whatever you business, size and budget; are sure to help you make a much-needed marketing bang…
Website- The first point of call for your online customers will be your website so it is important that you get this right. Whether you wish to have a standard website advertising promoting your brand and services or a e-commerce website allowing customers to make direct purchases, there are several options available to you. From free WordPress templates to bespoke websites from professional design agencies, a well structured website can be a great way to drive interest for your business.
Social Media- Whether we want to admit it or not, we live in a socially dependent society where Twitter and Facebook have become the twenty-first century call centres and prime links between a business and their customers. Getting socially active is incredibly important and as subsequently free platforms; you can build your brand without so much as touching your budget.
Offsite Advertising- Advertising, particularly pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is considered one of the most beneficial and promising ways for any business to promote itself. Often a foolproof way to drive quality traffic to your website, PPC advertising is an ideal way to speedily increase your customer base and sales however it is a tricky business so you made need some advice from a dedicated professional to ensure your budget does not dwindle.
Email Newsletters- As a typical girl I love nothing more than shopping which is why I get quite excited when my favourite retail stores email me with the latest offers and some special discounts. Email marketing is a fantastic way to further increase your brand and is a great way to support all of the other areas of online marketing you may have been undertaking. With great email platforms like Mail Chimp, you can also track the success rate of every email you send so you can ensure you spend the right time and effort on the right areas.
Whether you are stuck in your ways or fearful of the budget you may have to spend; getting online couldn’t be easier and more beneficial, so whatever your budget may actually be; there is great potential.We are an online world so get your business online too or risk falling behind.

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